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GENUS® | Sites

The Sites module manages and stores the huge amount of data that is relevant to a specific site and associated meter points. Meter readings, meter charges and variants are all managed here which allows for a comprehensive view of a specific meter point. All associated  industry flows, tasks, bills and documents for a specific site can be viewed plus hyperlinks to the client and any other associated sites.

What's included?
  • Multiple tabbed sites can be viewed simultaneously

  • MDD data asset validation

  • PDF help tutorials

  • View and manage all contracts linked to site

  • Complete site audits detailing old and new values

  • Bulk email of PDF invoices capability

  • Fully configurable document storage

  • Full suite of wizards to allow industry flow creation

  • Visibility of all associated industry flows

  • View and manage all invoices/credits linked to site

  • Automated workflow task management

  • DD mandate and reconciliation



Industry leading solution. Has the widest scope of any single solution in the UK market.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific client and incorporating multiple meter points.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific meter point.


Automatically schedules and manages all industry imports and exports.


Sophisticated integral module incorporating tariff management and flex billing.


Fully comprehensive reporting suite available across all modules.


Assign tasks, trigger actions and manage daily workload.


Debtor management and portfolio reconciliation.

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