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GENUS® | Sales

The Sales module in GENUS® is an optional module designed to efficiently manage your prospects and quotations. This powerful tool allows for real time quoting,  providing instant quotes (based on industry data) which can be emailed directly to your prospects. This module also allows you to effectively manage your broker relationships, commission structures and invoices, again all manageable via email and PDF functionality.

  • Instant quoting (including all elements for gas & electricity power pricing i.e. transportation, asset, readings & commodity charges

  • Broker commission management

  • Tender and renewal pricing

  • Optional credit check look up

  • Outlook synchronisation to add diary tasks

  • Live contract production

  • Dynamic quote flow management

  • Broker commission reconciliation

  • Bulk import of quote details from any format

  • Detailed outlook style diary function

  • Email functionality to send PDF documents

  • Fully automated to trigger industry flows



Industry leading solution. Has the widest scope of any single solution in the UK market.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific client and incorporating multiple meter points.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific meter point.


Automatically schedules and manages all industry imports and exports.


Sophisticated integral module incorporating tariff management and flex billing.


Fully comprehensive reporting suite available across all modules.


Assign tasks, trigger actions and manage daily workload.


Debtor management and portfolio reconciliation.

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