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GENUS® | Billing

One of the most powerful modules in GENUS®, the integral Billing module offers a wide range of options suitable for billing the smallest of domestic sites right through to the largest consuming sites in the UK. This module includes many varied billing options making it suitable for smaller independent suppliers right up to the largest suppliers in the field.

What's included?
  • Multiple client and/or site billing

  • Roll back option

  • Different billing options supported; Fixed, Multi line and Enterprise each with associated options

  • Multiple gas price indices catered for

  • Automated email functionality delivers PDF invoices to client

  • Create and manage budget schemes and reconciliation feature

  • Support for Adhoc contracts and free type charges

  • Standard EUC estimating

  • Caters for pass through charges and contract flex billing

  • Automated PDF invoice creation

  • Create and manage tariff matrices

  • Full integration with commissions engine



Industry leading solution. Has the widest scope of any single solution in the UK market.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific client and incorporating multiple meter points.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific meter point.


Automatically schedules and manages all industry imports and exports.


Sophisticated integral module incorporating tariff management and flex billing.


Fully comprehensive reporting suite available across all modules.


Assign tasks, trigger actions and manage daily workload.


Debtor management and portfolio reconciliation.

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