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Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS)
  • Direct connectivity to the DIP

  • Internal GENUS® technology

  • Robust and stable platform

  • Cost effective solution

  • Accredited system

  • 25 year history of industry knowledge 

Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) is a huge and far-reaching industry change which has wide ranging implications across the whole industry and will affect all suppliers and multiple areas within GENUS®. If you are not familiar with the programme


In very simplified terms, MHHS will revolutionise the way that the industry works, with multiple industry partners requiring connectivity to the Data Integration Platform (DIP), which will be responsible for processing market messages to and from all industry participants. In turn, this connectivity to the DIP will allow suppliers and industry players to send and receive all industry half hourly data, which will allow the process of faster and more accurate settlements.


By allowing the processing of half hourly data, suppliers will be exposed to the true costs of supplying their customers for every half hour period and as a result, will be able to offer incentivised tariffs designed to encourage consumption away from peak periods


GENUS® will be developed to connect directly to the DIP (and therefore all of the relevant industry partners) allowing the process of half hourly settlements. This functionality will allow a robust and cost-effective solution developed specifically to meet the needs of the industry change and GENUS® functionality at the same time.


GENUS® is an accredited, stable, versatile solution and with our 25 years history in the utility software market we are confident that internal, inbuilt connectivity to the DIP can only strengthen the platform.


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"Eni are a very forward-thinking company and to date, Datamere have always been able to meet and often exceed our requirements"

Stephen Williams - Head of UK Commercial

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