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GENUS® | Reports

The Reports module within GENUS® allows numerous reporting functions both at meter/site level and at portfolio level. The system comes with a full suite of standard reports designed to allow complete visibility across your portfolio. Reports can be created across almost any stored field in GENUS® giving the power of transparency to the end user.

What's included?
  • Complete report group management

  • SQL style report editor with built in intelligence

  • Preview report functionality

  • Letters mail merge functionality allows relevant communications to be created and sent

  • Bespoke reporting

  • Built in security to prevent unauthorised updates

  • Exports reports to Excel as standard

  • Contact Datamere functionality automatically updates the support team if assistance is required



Industry leading solution. Has the widest scope of any single solution in the UK market.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific client and incorporating multiple meter points.


Live portfolio information relevant to a specific meter point.


Automatically schedules and manages all industry imports and exports.


Sophisticated integral module incorporating tariff management and flex billing.


Fully comprehensive reporting suite available across all modules.


Assign tasks, trigger actions and manage daily workload.


Debtor management and portfolio reconciliation.

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