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Crown Gas & Power

Crown Gas & Power and Datamere have been working together since 2001, so our history goes back a long way. Crown are an independent business gas supplier to the commercial sector and are renowned for their first-class customer service and hold the proud title of being named as the Citizens Advice top non domestic supplier in the UK!

Having worked together for so long, Crown and Datamere have a long history of joint participation around new functionality and industry changes. Indeed, with Faster Switching looming on the horizon, Crown are one of the forerunners on the project and are working closely with our development team testing the consequential industry changes that have been added into GENUS®. Faster Switching is a huge and far-reaching project which will affect every area of the energy industry and its essential that systems and suppliers are ready for the changes.

“Working with a supplier who is keen to test the changes we have made system-wise and ensure that every scenario has been thought out and covered off is invaluable to our internal processes” explains Paul O’Neill who heads up the Development Team at Datamere. “This gives greater confidence for all users and operators of GENUS® and really helps us to tackle any previously unidentified bugs.”

Having been so successful over the years, it came as no surprise to Datamere when Crown have wanted to diversify into new areas and we have been delighted to be able to support them on their journey. Working very closely together for the past 12 months, our teams have been focussed on delivering a complex project which will allow Crown to continue with their internal business strategy.

We will share further details in due course in the hope that we can assist some other suppliers to reach their business goals.

"We’ve worked collaboratively with Datamere for almost 20 years now and will continue to do so to allow us to meet our internal goals. We are really excited about the next steps and look forward to our teams continuing to work together in the coming years."

Terry Day – Director, Crown Gas & Power

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