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Ofgem Announce Review into the Supplier Entry Process

Ofgem have announced a major review of the process as part of the Forward Work Programme.

A major review has been announced as part of the Forward Work Programme by Ofgem to investigate the licence application process undertaken by new entrants into the energy market place. It's the first time that the actual process has been looked at in detail since 2003 and as the industry has seen huge changes during that time, it seems an appropriate course of action. Click here to review the full details.

There have been rumblings for some time that Ofgem will be looking into the 'supplier in a box' process as it is clearly not asking questions of the actual licensed supplier who has the responsibility of running the business day to day.

Here at Datamere we remain committed to assisting suppliers into the market place by use of our Supplier 360© service. Our aim is to assist by giving suppliers the tools to do the job properly and clearly explaining the processes and responsibilities the supplier will have to take on. We have always steered clear of the 'supplier in a box' route as we felt it would have to come under scrutiny at some point. Many industry players agree it makes a mockery of the whole licence application process and allows suppliers lacking knowledge to jump in too quickly.


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