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The DCC Domestic Supplier Date is Looming!

Just a quick reminder that the DCC User Mandate date for Domestic Small Suppliers is right around the corner! Hopefully all of our active domestic energy suppliers should be well underway with the User Entry Process to ensure that they can comply with the deadline.

To be declared an eligible User of the DCC you must complete the User Entry Process Evidence Form and return it to SECAS for verification.

Our chosen provider for the DCC Adaptor is TMA under their Shared Services Agreement. We feel this route offers comprehensive service and good value for smaller, independent suppliers to communicate with the DCC. However, whichever provider you choose, with the deadline just over a month away for domestic suppliers, time really is of the essence.

If you have any concerns about whether you are going to meet the DCC User Mandate deadline, SECAS recommend that you discuss the matter directly with Ofgem via

For all other queries regarding the User Entry Process and becoming a DCC User, you can contact the helpdesk.

If you wish to discuss your options with Datamere and understand how we can assist you, please contact


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