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Spring 2019

All the latest news from the Datamere team.

The team has been hard at work over the past few months working on a raft of new developments and ongoing customer support (which we are also looking at revamping in the coming months). Sarah Powell has joined our busy team in Worcester to assist with managed services and support calls and has certainly had to hit the ground running with our managed services team now offering additional services including reconciliation and debt management services. These new and additional services have been well received and we’ll be looking to expand upon these as and when we identify more requirements. Our new partial recon service has already saved one client charges for over 1 million kWhs of gas so it was a worthwhile exercise for them! If anyone would like to know more, please contact or call our offices on 01625 525033.

The long-awaited redeveloped Sales Module has now been released to clients and offers a whole host of new functionality and a redesigned front end intended to simplify the user experience. The revamp took us longer than expected as once we started the work it became clear that much of the module was in need of an overview. We are currently in the process of completing a series of compact user guides which will be available to view shortly. If in the meantime you need any assistance or would like to arrange an online demonstration or training session please contact or call us.

Customer Support Survey

The survey has now closed and although we didn’t have as many responses completed as we hoped, we’ve had a good enough response to help us with our planning for the forthcoming months. What is clear from the survey, is that we need to plan more around support for functionality within GENUS© to help operators better understand how they can use the system.

We’ve identified the top ways you’d like this assistance as: · Onsite training workshops · Video tutorials · PDF tutorials

As part of our plan moving forwards, we will look to incorporate these findings (and others) to ensure we are meeting the expectations of clients as much as we possibly can.

We will also be examining the speeds that GENUS© takes to run specific commands and understand steps we can recommend to clients to ensure that your local copies of GENUS© are completely optimised. Many of you also made specific suggestions for improvements and we will be looking into these to identify what can be added to the forthcoming development list.

We will run the survey again in the future to allow us to compare results and see if the changes we make have a positive impact.

Finally, all respondents were entered into a prize draw to win £100 of Love to Shop vouchers and congratulations to Lee Williams who was pulled out of the hat this morning; we’ll be in touch with your vouchers in the next few days!

Spring Clean Your Data

It’s that time again when you’ll need to update any rates that you hold within GENUS© for pricing purposes along with the new CCL rates which will come into effect from April 2019. Transportation and MAM rates will need to be updated in the system configuration part of the system if you are using GENUS© for quotation purposes. Remember, GENUS© will only be as accurate as the information that its populated with! All of the necessary information can be found on the gas governance website If you need any assistance with the update please contact our support team in the normal way. Click here for the CCL update tutorials.


It’s been almost a year since the new regulations came into effect which have had far reaching implications for the way businesses manage and store personal data. As a business we have reviewed our internal processes and made changes to our software to ensure that clients are able to delete appropriate data items that shouldn’t be stored.

Client Account Management and Support

We’ve instigated a monthly support call to clients to act as a roundup of support issues over the month and as a chance to have a general discussion. We see this as a great opportunity for you to flag any issues that we should be aware of so that we can schedule these accordingly. Additionally, these calls are great for a general catch up so we can keep you informed of forthcoming development and fixes within the system. It would also be good to hear from your point of view about the development that your business would find most useful for the future so we can assess this.

Theft of Gas Reporting Functionality

We’ve recently finalised some development which allows for Theft of Gas reporting via the DTN. It’s a series of detailed reports which report back on the requirements needed for Experian. This is a chargeable switch so if you would like more information please contact us in the normal ways.


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