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Spring 2018

Our New Office

The Datamere office move went well and we are firmly ensconced in our new location in Heald Green, Cheadle. It’s just a stone’s throw away from our old office in Wilmslow and offers us more space and facilities over 3 levels, with a breakout area intended to tempt our team away from their desks at lunchtime! The team are now fully settled in and enjoying the new premises, especially the change of scenery at lunchtime. Check out the photos below or better still come and see us, we’ll be happy to stop for a catch up.

GENUS© Upcoming Changes

There are some big changes coming in the future releases of GENUS© designed to enhance the system further. The first thing you’ll have noticed in the last release is that CRM has now been renamed as the SALES module. Future versions will have a very different look and feel as the module is currently undergoing a massive overhaul designed to simplify the sales process within GENUS©. We’re changing the screens to focus more on the essential information and updating the processes within. With regards to GENUS© new releases, the schedule has been adapted to allow Datamere Managed Services to receive the new version around a week before a general release. This allows us to identify and correct any obvious bugs as well as monitoring the new version in a live environment before general release. The new DTN functionality in GENUS© (which has seen a huge tranche of work going on behind the scenes) is now almost complete and will offer full Day 1 DTN D flow support for electricity suppliers. Additionally, GENUS© Gas & Power also features a built-in ECOES MPAN database lookup, new XML and legacy Pipe functionality and full Dual Fuel capabilities for quoting and invoicing As always with any queries or general suggestions for improved system functionality please contact the team

GDPR Changes

The new GDPR changes came into effect from 25th May and will mean a huge overhaul for how businesses process and handle data. Here at Datamere we are managing the changes with the help of an external consultant to ensure our processes and systems comply with the new regulations. In those cases where we are processing your customer data (Datamere Managed Services) we’ll ensure that any data being sent by us is transferred by secure protocol. We’re also making some changes to GENUS© to allow specific records and details to be deleted as per the new rules. If you have any specific requests for GENUS© please contact us at and we will look into how we can help. If you haven’t already taken the steps to start the process and need some assistance contact me on Our contact can help you to quickly get started with a range of documents and templates designed to help you reach compliance in a relatively short space of time.

Congratulations Barry!

A new baby girl has arrived for Barry Wood and his partner this week. Congratulations to you both and we hope you enjoy parenthood.


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