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Spring 2017

Project Nexus – Here We Go!

Project Nexus – Here We Go! With the Go/No Go date for Project Nexus fast approaching it’s now increasingly unlikely that the industry changeover will be pushed back past the 1st June. For those of you who have been through large industry change previously, it’s likely you will be viewing the cut over with some (understandable!) trepidation.

Here at Datamere, we are working hard to ensure that the transition within GENUS© is as straightforward as possible. From the cutover point on the 23rd May, we’ll be running the necessary scripts to update your live portfolio data and ensuring that new data items such as meter class are updated.

All clients will receive explanatory documentation explaining the changes that we’ve made to GENUS© and test versions are available (if you aren’t already running one for testing purposes). Your shipper will have been in touch explaining the changes to standard timescales during the cut over period, with business as usual set to commence on 19th June.

You can contact the Datamere team in the normal way with any questions you may have about GENUS©. See you on the other side…

Changes in the Datamere Team

We’re changing things within the Datamere set up in order to better support our clients and the changing structure within the business. We’ve recently recruited a Project Co-Ordinator, Sharon Meehan who will be joining the team later this month. Sharon has a wealth of experience and has worked in many different project based roles so we are delighted to welcome her to the team.

Her role will be to manage the many varied projects that we have running within the business, keeping our clients up to date with communication and key milestones. Those of you who have active projects in development will meet Sharon over the coming weeks and we hope that you’ll agree that the role will bring significant benefits to our growing client base. We’ve also had some internal reorganisation and are delighted to announce that Elliot Robertson has secured the role of Development Manager and Adam Gordon is now responsible for Server and Network Support.

Both Elliot and Adam joined the company through an apprenticeship scheme (along with James Ramsden) and all three have secured permanent roles within Datamere and have proved themselves invaluable to the development team.

Well done to you all! The Datamere support desk remains unchanged, so if you require support or assistance with anything GENUS© related, please contact the support team in the usual way where Lewis will be able to manage your query.

DCC Service Provider Update

Most of you will be aware that we chose the TMA shared services solution to recommend to our portfolio of clients. After careful consideration, we felt that the TMA offer was wide ranging and delivered the choice of options that our diverse client base may require. TMA offer the choice of a web portal option to manage your communications (via the ESB or for internal use) with the DCC, or alternatively, Datamere would be able to develop an interface which can work with the TMA adaptor if required. TMA were also in a position to offer Datamere and ESB clients significant discounts off their standard shared services charges and can also assist with the UEPT process.

If you wish to communicate with TMA, please contact Claire Leitch on 01324 711 744. If you haven’t already done so, we are urging all of our suppliers to make arrangements in order to comply with the new obligations. Domestic suppliers will need to comply by November 2017, while an announcement about the date for commercial suppliers is expected imminently. If you have made arrangements with an alternative provider, please contact the development team if you require any bespoke development.

If you have not already started the process, we would urge you to make contact with the team at SEC in order to gain an understanding of your obligations and what these entail. .

SEC will also be running another supplier day on the 18 May in Sheffield. These events are well worth attending as they provide a wealth of information about the upcoming changes. Visit their website to book your space.

The Energy Support Bureau

It’s been almost three years since we began the Energy Support Bureau and the business has fulfilled its’ aim of providing support and services to new entrants venturing into the world of gas. The team has grown and we’ve just been joined by Gemma Hull whom some of you may have spoken to and are currently managing the portfolios for six different suppliers, with two more about to come on board.

As part of the longer-term strategy for Datamere and the Energy Support Bureau and awareness around our brand, we’re delighted to announce that the ESB will soon be moving to sit underneath the Datamere umbrella of companies.

The move will see the ESB sit underneath the services section within Datamere and is intended to streamline the business and make the process more straightforward for new entrants to the energy market. We also intend to develop and offer some new services which will be of interest to new and existing clients.

The managed services will still be based from the office in Worcester with the Datamere head office located in Ladyfield House in Wilmslow, unless we continue to grow at the same pace! Finally, on the ESB side, I’m delighted that Marcia Cox has been confirmed as the new Manager of the Service and Administration team. Marcia has really stepped up to the role which became vacant when Jacki Pickles retired back in January.

We’ve really missed Jacki but know that Marcia will prove to be a worthy successor. Congratulations to you Marcia!


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