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Autumn 2017

News Update Autumn 2017

We’re going through a period of change in the Datamere Office in order to improve and formalise some of the processes within our business.

As part of this restructuring process, our managed services business, Datamere Managed Services (formerly known as The Energy Support Bureau) will be handling and managing the support desk for all Datamere clients.

As a customer facing business and because we use GENUS© on a daily basis (as system operators, as opposed to system developers), Datamere Managed Services will be more than well equipped to handle any support calls and direct them in the most efficient way. In addition, the team at Worcester are going to become more involved on the testing side, reviewing new functionality within GENUS©. Our aim with this new step in the process is to identify and resolve as many bugs as possible with any new development before they reach the outside world. The transition for our clients should be seamless.

The contact telephone number and email address will remain the same and our aim will be to successfully resolve more support requests at the first point of contact. Of course, anything that does require a bit more investigation will be fed through to the development team in the normal way.

These changes are due to take effect during November and sadly as a result we will be saying goodbye to Lewis Butterworth who many of you will have spoken to. Lewis is off to pastures new with a position taken closer to home in Liverpool. He has been a great asset to the team and will be missed. “Thank you Lewis and good luck with your new role. You’ll be missed.”

BEIS Confirm DCC Date for Non-Domestic Suppliers

Hopefully you will all be aware of the recent announcement from BEIS confirming the date for non-domestic suppliers to be able to communicate with the DCC as part of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme. The deadline has been confirmed as 31 August 2018. Whichever method you choose to communicate with the DCC please keep us up to date, particularly if you are likely to require any development work within GENUS©. TMA are our chosen provider and offer support with all areas of the process. The User Entry Process takes a minimum of 21 weeks so don’t leave it too late to begin the process! Claire Leitch can be contacted on 01324 711 744 .


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