Sites | GENUS©

The Sites module manages and stores the  huge amount of data that is relevant to a specific site and associated meter points. Meter readings, meter charges and variants are all managed here which allows for a comprehensive view of a specific meter point. All associated  industry flows, tasks, bills and documents for a specific site can be viewed plus hyperlinks to the client and any other associated sites.

What's included?

  • Multiple tabbed sites can be viewed simultaneously
  • Fully configurable document storage
  • MDD data asset validation
  • Full suite of wizards to allow industry flow creation
  • PDF help tutorials
  • Visibility of all associated industry flows
  • View and manage all contracts linked to site
  • View and manage all invoices/credits linked to site
  • Complete site audits detailing old and new values
  • Automated workflow task management
  • Bulk email of PDF invoices capability
  • DD mandate and reconciliation


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