GENUS© is the market leading software solution for gas & electricity suppliers. The comprehensive system caters for all market sectors and manages the full customer life-cycle process and entire registration process - from contract generation to the billing of live customers. GENUS© manages all industry import and export flows, prospects, quoting, sales, gas & power pricing, invoicing and portfolio management.

It can be easily linked to a wide range of in-house systems and has been built using the very latest technology and software development expertise by our very experienced team of software engineers.

Key features

  • Industry leading solution. Has the widest scope of any single solution in the UK market
  • Professional or Enterprise version available dependent on your portfolio requirements
  • Full version GENUS© Gas and Power or available for single fuel
  • Available under single licence fee or under a monthly rental agreement
  • Manages all shipper/Xoserve and DTN imports and exports.
  • Modular structure which can be adapted according to requirements
  • Powerful and flexible integral billing engine
  • Can be linked to in-house systems
  • Billing

  • Sales Audits

  • Hub

  • Sites


All of the modules in GENUS© are fully configurable


Manage your brokers, prospects and customer quotes

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Live portfolio information relevant to a specific client and incorporating multiple meter points

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Live portfolio information relevant to a specific meter point

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Automatically schedules and manages all industry imports and exports

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Sophisticated integral module incorporating tariff management and flex billing

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Fully comprehensive reporting suite available across all modules

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Assign tasks, trigger actions and manage daily workload

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Debtor management and portfolio reconciliation

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Our relationship with Datamere has really developed and strengthened over the years and we are extremely satisfied with the level of support we receive on both a technical and industry level. We also appreciate the time given by Datamere to discuss innovation and future enhancements with a feeling of collaboration, rather than sales, which we find refreshing. GENUS© gives us the flexibility of a system that will easily link with other areas in our business as well as a comprehensive end to end system for our gas business.

  • "It’s always been our goal to bring everything in house as it gives us far more control” said David. “The scope of GENUS© allows us to manage everything - CRM, registration, flows, invoicing and queries. We have a great relationship with the team at Datamere and look forward to it continuing"

    David Meyers

    Axis Telecoms

  • "YGP and the Datamere development team have been working together to finalise the power version of GENUS© in order to provide for all our business requirements, not just in the short-term but also in the long-term. It is the largest project that YGP have managed to date and we are highly confident that the finished product will provide the tools we require to continue to rapidly increase our market share. Once migration is complete, we will be comprehensively using GENUS© across all departments at YGP. We have forged a great working relationship with Datamere and we look forward to this continuing for many years to come."

    Rishi Raichura - Managing Director YGP

    Yorkshire Gas & Power

  • "Eni are a very forward-thinking company and to date, Datamere have always been able to meet and often exceed our requirements"

    Steve Williams

    Eni Trading and Shipping