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Axis - Sheila McGuire (Energy Process Manager)

“GMS has given us the ability to enter the gas supply market place, communicate with the industry and bill our customers from Day 1. As our business grows our expectation is that we will acquire the additional modules that Datamere can offer which will create further efficiencies within our team. The support we receive is comprehensive and prompt and we are very satisfied with the developing relationship that we have with Datamere”

Universal Utilities – Richard Rudkin (Chief Information Officer)

Our relationship with Datamere has really developed and strengthened over the past year and we are extremely satisfied with the level of support we receive on both a technical and industry level. We also appreciate the time given by Datamere to discuss innovation and future enhancements with a feeling of collaboration, rather than sales, which we find refreshing. GMS gives us the flexibility of a system that will easily link with other areas in our business as well as a comprehensive end to end system for our gas business. We’re very interested in the benefits that V4© will offer us especially in terms of a more intuitive experience for our operators.

Wingas UK – David Genet (Siteworks and Meter Manager)

We currently use GMS in conjunction with our in-house systems to provide site management and SPA modules. We find Datamere very flexible and prompt in implementing changes for GMS, making it a very flexible system that can be easily adapted for our specific business requirements.

Vayu Ltd – Wayne Kelly (Head of IT and Systems)

Vayu spent a lot of time researching the industry to find a company that was a good fit for us. Datamere are a good strategic and cultural fit for us, and we are delighted to partner them as we grow in the UK.

Economy Gas – Lisa Lawton

We have been using GMS for over 12 years now and Datamere have always provided excellent support and responded quickly to any queries. The team are always on the ball with gas industry developments and the functionality in GMS has proved to be easily adaptable. For a smaller supplier, GMS has provided a cost effective end to end system that has allowed us to participate in a competitive market place.

ENI – Steve Williams (Marketing and Sales Manager)

We have a long standing relationship with Datamere and together we have created a bespoke version of GMS which matches the specific needs of our portfolio. We have found the system to be very adaptable to our requirements.

Crown Gas & Power – Terry Day (Supply Division Manager)

As one of Datamere’s oldest clients we have used GMS since its inception. For a busy office it’s imperative that the system is user friendly with easy to understand modules and features. GMS provides us with this and the invaluable knowledge that if we have a problem Datamere are on hand to sort things out.

If it didn’t do the job we wouldn’t have stayed so long!.