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Project Nexus

Project Nexus is one of the largest review programmes in the gas industry in recent years and is a long running workstream that has been established to review and replace Xoserve’s ageing UK Link system.

The UK Link system is the primary system used by Xoserve for the charging and settlement process in the GB gas system. Project Nexus intends to replace the existing system and at the same time to meet a number of wider customer requirements over the medium and long term.

The Project Nexus workgroup was set up in 2008 and has developed and refined these customer requirements into a set of business requirements, which are now progressing through the UNC modification process.

When implemented Project Nexus will supersede the existing GB gas settlement arrangements, and replace them with a more up to date system.

Genus© has been developed so that it will be fully Nexus compliant and will process and manage all of the new file protocols that Nexus will bring about.