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Genus© is the software solution for independent gas shippers/suppliers. This full lifecycle system for both domestic and commercial customers handles the entire registration process - from contract generation to the billing of live customers, including the management of shipper/Transco invoices.

GMSv4 is fully Nexus compliant

Features include :

  • MNumber Browser
  • Fully SPA compatible
  • Automated unbundling
  • RGMA compliant (with MAM manager)
  • AUDDIS compliant
  • Infinite reporting and Word merge capabilities

Genus© is a 32-bit Windows application, created using the latest technology and software development expertise, running on SQL Server database platform.

Genus© also offers built-in security with restricted access levels and a user-friendly interface based around the GMS Leaper - an innovative navigation tool that allows the Genus© user to access the program modules quickly and easily.