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Crack the Safe

Crack the safe

Crack the Safe (CTS) is a bespoke piece of software we created for Sports Alive Ltd. It's a good example of the diversity of Datamere highlighting our ability to quickly analyse and develop system in varying industry sectors. CTS allows the creation of promotions for special events. The setup routine initiates a main prize allowing for multiple sub-prizes if necessary, then customers guess a number to win. The Configuration screens can also set the number of digits, number of attempts allowed, screen resolution, winning video, winning/losing messages, Company logos, start and end date/times etc. It also records all attempts in a secure log file. The system requirements entail that the application is highly secure and this is verified by a leading global insurance company.

Potential customers are attracted by a set of screens that cycle through showing videos & information on the prizes - including how many prizes are left to win for each item description. The application is integrated into the hardware circuitry to release and signal that the main prize is won. First released in 2008, it has benefitted from numerous enhancements as our customers' needs have grown.